The Best Summer Secret in the Upstate: Lake Jocassee


A photo I took of my in-laws boat at Jocassee early this summer 

When the summer starts to infuse its’ warmth into the air of late May, I know it’s about time to load up the bright yellow boat and head out to the lake. My mother-in-law always packs a big lunch, with lots of snacks (Zebra Cakes are my FAV), and cold cans of Coke and Mountain Dew. One of the dogs always comes along, pacing in the van the whole way there. No matter which pup we take, its’ sniffer will go crazy once the lake smells start flowing through the vents.

After about an hour car ride through rural and winding roads, the trailer finally eases down the boat ramp to release the vessel freely into the water. Immediately, the smell of clean air and fresh pine fills my lungs. Along with pontoons, deck boats, and tour barges, we’ll pull our little tri-hull up to the dock. If you are interested in scuba diving or learning, Jocassee may be the next pin on your map. Deep beneath the cool, clear waters of Lake Jocassee, lies the remains of a forgotten town. In this man-made lake, Jocassee scuba divers are commonly drawn to underwater cemeteries and even an intact lodge.


The shady beach we chose on our last Jocassee trip

Jocassee is a 7,500 acre lake with 75 miles of shoreline. And the shore isn’t all your usual red clay dirt that seems to be synonymous with southern lakes. Cruising through the bends and curves of Lake Jocassee, you will see sandy beach after sandy beach. Choose from shady sandy alcoves, bright open tanning paradises, and little islands that will make you feel as if you are a cast-away in the best way.

Note: If you want one of the very best spots, I would recommend getting there no later than 8:30 am.

And yes, the water may be a little cooler than the other area lakes, but that same water is also crystal clear and refreshingly clean. Peer down into the emerald waters, and you will see just as far down as the light can go.

The smooth alcoves offer the ideal water for skiing or a  smooth boat ride. Test your bravery on jumping rocks that jut out over deep water and swim or hike up to a waterfall. Lake Jocassee is little known, and vastly underrated- which makes it one of the best kept summer secrets in the Upstate.

I hope this article helps you discover somewhere new! As always, Sweet Dreams and Happy Travels lovelies! img_2302








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