The Best Lunch Spots in Greenville to Eat Clean

Meal prepping on the weekends and bringing my lunch from home would be the ideal situation, but that just doesn’t happen each week. Plus, occasionally, you just want to go out with co-workers or meet your love for lunch somewhere around town. My struggle isn’t finding a good place to go in Greenville (we are the city made for foodies after all), my struggle is finding a restaurant that is health focused, but is also filling and tasty.

Here are my health food lunch picks (In no particular order):

Clean Eatz Greenville

I’ve been following Clean Eatz on Instagram, and when I saw that today was their grand opening, I spared no time in asking my husband to pick me up for lunch. The restaurant is located pretty conveniently on Pelham, near the Earth Fare, at the end of a string of other restaurants.


The Turkey Burger Teriyaki Style

When you first walk in, there are two counters. One is for the cafe (where you get can grab lunch) and the other is to order or pick up your meal prep. There is a large menu above the counter with wraps, bowls, burgers (of the bean and turkey variety), starters, and paninis. I had a turkey burger, teriyaki style and it was so much tastier than I expected it to be. With grilled pineapple and peppers to top the burger off, and a side of fresh raw veggies with a tzatziki sauce, my lunch tasted much more naughty than it really was.

The best thing about Clean Eatz is that they don’t even offer unhealthy options. Like at all. Each meal comes with a choice of cucumber water, unsweet tea, or low calorie lemonade. No sodas. No fries. No fried anything. Zero temptation.

White Duck Taco

white duck taco

The Korean Port and Bahn Mi Tofu Tacos

You may hear the word “taco” and immediately think, “How could this be healthy?” But White Duck Tacos aren’t your average greasy, ground beef tacos. The best way I can think to describe the food at White Duck is “Artisan”. The ingredients are simple and mostly grilled or roasted, but the recipes have a artistry and finesse to them that creates unique tastes and combinations.


Served on a double corn tortillas, their creative combinations are low calorie and delicious- often pairing a fruit or cabbage slaw, with a savory meat. White Duck is truly a unique eatery that won’t leave you feeling guilty later.

Zoe’s Kitchen

zoes kitchenIf you’ve never been to Zoe’s Kitchen, it’s a fresh, quick service Mediterranean restaurant. It’s perfect for a lunch break, because they are usually super fast to get your food out to you, and their menu is predominately healthy. More than just grilled chicken and rice, their spices and seasonings make their food rich with flavor, even though it’s low on calories.


I hope this quick list helps you discover somewhere new (and healthy!). Also, what didn’t make my list? If you know of a dynamite healthy restaurant, let me know! I would love to try it out.

May you always have Sweet Dreams and Happy Travels, lovelies!


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