An Unpaid, Unsponsored, Honest Review of LipSense

When I was in middle school, I would beg my dad to let me wear makeup. And he would say no. But eventually, it all started with that clear, roll-on lip gloss. You know the kind that you would get in a pack of 5 or ten, and they all smelled and “tasted” like grapes, or cotton candy, or something artificial. I would roll that lip gloss all over my lips until they shined like an oil slick. Oh, those were the days.

roller lip gloss

A throw back to the roller lip gloss

I’ve refined my taste in makeup since the 6th grade, and I’m always looking for newer and better products than I was using a year ago. Thank goodness I have evolved from flavored roller-ball lip gloss.

About a week ago, I received a message on Instagram with a request for a product review. When I saw the product was LipSense- I’m not gonna lie- I was hesitant. I don’t know anyone personally who has tried LipSense or any one who sells it. Plus, I’m a tough critic when it comes to makeup. If a new product, with an unknown label, comes onto the scene with a high-end price tag, I am immediately skeptical.

But, when Brooke messaged me, she asked for a honest review, and that was something I could do. So let’s jump in.

First, this girl must have connections with the Postal Service or something, because I swear she sent me a dm, and it was at my house basically the next day. Tucked snugly in a bright pink package, the LipSense “Collection” was  packaged in a black drawstring bag. I immediately noticed there were 3 tubes in the bag, one is your actual lip color, the next is a clear gloss, and the last is to help you remove the lipstick.


My LipSense Collection

I decided to use this product for a week straight before I would sit down to write a review. I am going to be ranking the LipSense Collection in Pink Champagne based on color, wearability, and value.

Color: 7/10

Brooke sent me a long list of colors to choose from, and while there were some deep plums and burgundy shades that would have been great for a night out, I decided to go with something more neutral and everyday for the review (Pink Champagne).

img_2864Something I really liked, was when she sent me the colors, next to a swatch on model lips, Brooke also had several photos of women with different skin tones with the same shade on. That REALLY helped me envision the color on myself.

Once I broke the seal, and applied the first coat to my lips, I immediately noticed that the color is exactly true to the swatch. (I will say, the product does sting a little when you apply the first coat, but goes away after a few moments. )

I was also very pleased that the lipstick was extremely pigmented. I had some very painful sunburn on my lips this summer, and I have pretty uneven coloration for the time being. So I was pleasantly surprised when the first coat completely covered all the discoloration.

Wearability: 10/10

This was were I was a huge skeptic of LipSense. My two major concerns before I tried the product: A.) How much better will this product really stay than a NYX or Sephora Brand liquid lipstick? B.) If it does stay that much longer, will it even look good after 10 hours of continuous wear?

The answer is a lot better, and it looks the same as when you put it on.

Wearability is where LipSense shines bright like a diamond. I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic is in the formula, but once you apply the recommended three coats, the lipstick feels thin and silky. I’ve come to expect all liquid lipsticks to feel chalky and thick. Honestly, I didn’t really know they could be thin and easy to wear. I was wrong.


Me, 6 hours my original application

Then comes the next best part, you can add a high shine lip gloss and the lipstick DOESN’T MOVE! YYYEEEESSSSSSSS. When I pull the lip gloss applicator away from my lips, there is not a single bit of color left on the wand. I have NEVER used a liquid lipstick that didn’t become gooey and sticky when used with a lip gloss.

As for long-lasting, yes, it will wear all day until you use the remover to take it off. You do have to apply the lip-gloss multiple times if you want to stay glossy, but the actual lipstick doesn’t budge.

Value: 9/10

If this review were based on color alone, I wouldn’t give this product a 9/10 on value. The colors are really pretty, but every good makeup line has a variety of lovely colors. It’s the fact that this lipstick looks just as good 12 hours after the original application as it did when you first brushed it on. This value rating is also due to the fact that it actually feels good on your lips. It’s smooth and feels thin even though it’s fully pigmented, AND it’s a liquid lipstick that doesn’t smudge or change when lip gloss is applied over it.

I was expecting to write a mediocre review, but I am really glad to be excited about LipSense right now. I always want to root for the small business guys, but I just can’t get behind a product that I don’t believe in or I don’t feel is worth the money. Yes, LipSense does have a more high-end price tag, but that’s because this is a high-end product. 

I really enjoyed working with Brooke to try LipSense and write an honest and fair review. If you want to order and try it for yourself, you can check her out of Facebook!

As always, thank you for reading lovelies! Sweet Dreams and Happy Travels!





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