Three High End Lipsticks at a Low Price Point: An Avon Product Review  

I recently read an interesting article on confidence and beauty. Me being someone who enjoys makeup, find that so many have the perception that wearing makeup is a sign of  insecurity and vanity. However, in this article, the author presented the perspective that makeup can be a form of daring and courage. Take a bold, bright lipstick for example- the author proposed that instead of feeding an insecurity, that a bold lip color could inspire confidence in a woman, because it empowers her to say,” I know others may not understand this choice. They may think it too bright, or maybe that I “can’t pull it off”, but I’m not wearing it for them to think I’m beautiful. I’m wearing it because it makes ME feel beautiful. This is the way in which I view makeup, and why I love to use it to empower myself and others.


My product package from Emily 

In perfect timing, Emily Stephens reached out to me about reviewing some of the Avon beauty products she sells. I normally would choose a few nude lipsticks with a satin finish, but I felt the courage to be a little more daring this time. Emily sent me these products in exchange for a fair and honest review, so here we go!

1st Product- Avon True Color Bold Lipstick in the shade Bold Bordeaux

img_4469The first product I chose was the Avon True Color Bold Lipstick in the shade Bold Bordeaux. I’ve always heard people say that women with olive skin should stay away from bright berry shades,or too much pink. And I’ve heeded that advice for most of my life, but the whole point of this mini-experiment was to get out of my comfort zone and try some new products- so there I went.

To be honest, the first day I wore this shade, I found myself constantly looking at it in the reflection of my lock screen. There is no flying under the radar in this lipstick. It’s dark berry pigment, highlighted with fuchsia undertones packs a punch, but as the week wore on, I found myself just feeling more empowered, and loving the attention my bold lips were receiving.

This lip color is creamy and bold, but it holds strong throughout the day. I was blown away by the price point ($8!!!) because this lipstick really shines like a pricey, high-end product.

2nd Product- Avon Tue Color Glimmersticks Lip Liner in the shade Chocolate

img_4141Out of all the products that Emily sent me, this was my favorite. I like to use a good lip liner like this all over my lips by lining the outline first, then filling in the rest with a little Vaseline over top to smooth everything out.

The shade I chose is in the tone range I normally go with, but I chose a much darker shade. I took a chance and wore it to work, but I got more compliments on it than almost any other lip color I wear to the office.

This color really complimented my skin tone, and is a steal at $7.

3rd Product- Mark by Avon Pout Vinyl Lip Paint in the shade Cozy Petal Pink

img_4307I don’t know that I’ve ever tried a product that is exactly like this one. This Lip Paint is not exactly like a lip gloss, but it definitely isn’t a lipstick either. It feels like a lip gloss going on, but has a thicker texture and lasts ffoorreevver.

(My only caveat with this product is that it isn’t really meant for active wear. Going to a party, church, or at the office- yes. But it’s texture would make it difficult for a sporting event or a hot day.)

As far as color is concerned, I normally don’t go this light in pink, but this color is so charming that you can wear it with literally anything. Again, the pricepoint on this, rocks.

Overall Opinion

Reviewing these Avon products from Emily reminded me of finding an amazing dress that you forgot you had. I used to use quite a bit of Avon makeup, and trying some again this week made me say, “Why in the world did I stop using this?”. Each lip product really felt and looked high-end, but the price points are all SO low. I will definitely be trying out more Avon products as I continue my quest to try all the makeup.

If you want to order the products I tried, or see what else she has, click here!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Let me know what I should try next and I will see you next time. Sweet Dreams and Happy Travels!



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