A Girl’s Guide to Traveling Solo

After a frustrating delay, furious turbulence, and hours of airport waiting, I am officially back home from my business trip down to Tampa for a national marketing conference. Some may find this debatable, but it is my firm belief that the best number for travel is 2. Not even a romantic couple necessarily, but a pair of humans tends to be able to connect on a deeper level, move more quickly from A to B, and make decisions within the span of a few moments rather than a parking lot debate. While my ideal trip is traveling hand-in-hand with my hunny, sometimes you just have to go it alone. So from my recent experience of traveling as a party of 1, here is my “Girl’s Guide to Traveling Solo.” Hope you enjoy!

  1. Pack A Smart Carry On

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Let me tell you, there are only so many times you can refresh your Facebook and Insta feeds and still see something interesting. And if you don’t have unlimited data, you can rack up quite a tab by constantly roving your phone for videos and social.

The key to feeling less awkward traveling alone in the airport, and to start having a good time, is to pack a rad carry on.

  • Start by buying all your favorite snacks BEFORE you get to the airport to save by about 70%. Before I left on my business trip I stocked up big time on pretzels, Snickers, and trail mix.
  • If you are a reader, like me, don’t forget to pickup that book you’ve been telling your co-workers is “next on your list” for the past 3 months. Then, when you come back to work, you can proudly brag about how the characters were strong but the plot lacked particular nuances.
  • If you aren’t a reader, download a couple movies on your phone!
  • Headphones are a must. Even if it’s just to drown out the constant ambient chatter of the airplane, some music will help you relax and
  • Pack for the occasion. Airports and airplanes can be an icebox. While a hoodie or jacket may be too bulky to wear while you are navigating the airport, being comfortable is the foundation to feeling confident while traveling solo.

2.  Schedule Some Me Time


My room service from the Tampa Hilton Downtown

So I flew into Tampa the day before the conference kicked off. Once I checked in to the hotel, I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to go out and “enjoy the city”. But the more I try to manage my time as an adult, the more I realize that vacation is however you actually enjoy your time. Not what you feel like you “should” do. It’s okay to be a little anti-social and have a little me time.

  • Get your glow on. I brought a charcoal face mask, and some salt scrub with me to Tampa this weekend, and made a DIY facial. I really never have the down time to really do a complete facial with the steam, exfoliate, and mask at home, and this was so relaxing. My skin was really glowing when I finished.
  • Order room service. It really is the epitome of feeling fancy. I may have ordered a burger, but it felt like filet. It also felt amazing to not have to step foot outside of my room to get dinner. So I stayed in, watched Say Yes to the Dress, and ate a huge burger.

3. Do Your Homework 18949492_327268821043128_1843470031539666944_n

It’s so much easier to just get up and go when you have a travel buddy. The confidence is there, and more importantly, you have someone to share in the misery if the plan goes to pot. So you have to prep a little more if you want to really enjoy your time going it alone.

  • Research the area. Especially as a woman out of your own city, know the area and where not to go. And if you are going out after dark, know where you are heading.
  • If it’s your goal to meet some new friends, research the best hang out spots. Go to more casual dining restaurants that have an open floor plan and know a few conversation starters.

This was my first foray into traveling solo, and while it was a little uncomfortable at times, I ended up having a great trip. So whether it’s for business or pleasure, Sweet Dreams and Happy Travels.

Thanks for reading lovelies! I would love to know what you think. Please feel free to leave me a comment below or send me a message on the contact page!

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