Turning Your Cubicle into a Zen Paradise

We came back from our second anniversary trip to South America almost a month ago, and reality hasn’t been kind. My mind and body had completely embraced our long, salty, lackadaisical days aboard the cruise ship and returning to the walls of my cubicle, the florescence of my office, and the demands of work have been exhausting. I’m normally quite a sparkly person, but I’ve just been “blah” these last couple of weeks.

I think I’m in a mourning of sorts for the blissful breezy way we lived life for 11 days while we were on holiday. But after several weeks of this, I’m ready to get back to my real self.

I’m the kind of person that NEEDS change. I crave it. So switching up and improving my work space is a fairly easy way to boost my mood and make work a little merrier.

Not to state the obvious, but I started with the clutter. All the outdated and unused magazines, notes, and emails went into the blue bin, and all the dust bunnies were caught and tried for their crimes. So onto the more fun changes.

I love the spa- not just the messages, or the pedicures, but the entire experience. The serenity begins with the atmosphere- so I thought, “How do I bring some of that into my office?” I’m not super big into the essential oils or anything, but I do associate the aroma of lavender, mint, and eucalyptus with the spa. So I was on the hunt for a small oil diffuser that wouldn’t cost a fortune. While on lunch, I stumbled on a small, fan powered, diffuser at TjMaxx. The best part? It was $4. Yep. Also, it doesn’t puff the steam up into the air, so no worries about others in the office being sensitive to the smoke in the air. The little device came with several cotton pads so I just drop a few drips of oil onto the pad, insert it in the slot, and the fan distributes the calming scent around my office. For such a little machine, about twice the size of a computer mouse, it truly fills the room with the soft, romantic scent of peacefulness. 

The next step was getting my monitor up off the desk so my neck wasn’t constantly tense from looking down. After rummaging through our supply room and junk closet I could rule out using an actual computer stand, so I had to improvise. The answer was actually pretty simple: books. Get your computer off the desk and more eye level by stacking a few books underneath. As an added bonus, it actually looks pretty cute and cozy. The finishing touch to my zen cube is music. Soft music flowing through my headphones makes everyday exponentially more zen. 

I know this article is pretty quick and simple- if you want more office or cubicle tricks and tips just let me know in the comments below and I’ll do a longer post soon! Thanks for reading lovelies. Sweet dreams and happy travels! 

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