Product Review Series: Reviewing High End Organic Skin Care and Makeup

Hello lovelies! I put this series on hold for the last few months to focus on my new(ish) business that I went full-time with this past December. But now that I have my workload somewhat streamlined into a more manageable flow, I’m excited to open this series back up! The product I’m reviewing today is one that I’ve been curious about for awhile, because I love the concept behind it, and I have no doubt that pretty much all of you have at least heard of it: the Young Living makeup and skin care line.

In case you don’t know much about this line of makeup, the line boasts products free of any preservatives, additives, parabens, gluten, talc, and anything that isn’t 100% organic and good for you. The main reason I haven’t tried these products before now, is because you buy them through a distributor, and with the high end price point, I usually prefer to test makeup out before I commit to it at a higher price. Which, indeed, made this product perfect for my review series. I hope that if organic skin care and beauty products are something you are interested in, that this review can help you decide if you want to try them out for yourself!

img_5798So how this review came about- these products came to me via Young Living Consultant, Melissa Lawless, and while she did provide the products for me to try, this is not a sponsored or paid post- just a fair and honest review. So to jump right in, today I’ll be talking about my general experience with the products, and score them based on their value, how well they live up to their claims, and if I would use them again. Let’s jump right in!


The Sheet Mask

So I’m going to start with the face mask. I am no stranger to face masks, especially sheet masks, and I use at least two per week. (I’m a skin care nut) The mask is pictured in the photo above in the silver pouch, and I think out of the gate I wasn’t expecting anything magical with this product. In my experience, a sheet mask is usually just about as good as any other sheet mask. However, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with this product. Unlike the Korean masks that I’ve gotten in the past, and masks from Target or Walmart, this mask fit my face much better (they are usually way too big for me) and seemed to be made of a thicker, higher quality cotton than the sheet masks I usually purchase on my own. Just the overall quality of the mask, kept it on my face much better, and made the experience feel a little more luxury (which is always appreciated).

Next, let’s talk about the goods- a.k.a- the product on the mask. Like any other sheet mask, the cotton mask was soaked in the product in the pouch, but man, they weren’t stingy with the serum. Not only was the mask dripping with product, but there was enough left over in the pouch for me to put on my hands and neck, so score!


My skin after the mask

So the mask claims to leave you with moisturized and brighter skin, and after the 20 minute leave-on period, I can definitely say that my skin was pretty dewy after. This was definitely my favorite product that I tried, it just felt so luxurious, and I’ve NEVER had a sheet mask as quality as this one. Now as for the price point, it’s definitely on the high end side. A four pack costs 62.50 retail, but I will say this, it was a clear step up from the masks I’ve purchased at the drug store, and if you are looking for a more luxury experience (and if your skin care being completely natural and organic is important to you) then I would recommend this product.


The Loose Powder


Me with the Young Living Powder Foundation 

This loose powder foundation is also pictured above, along with the color chart beside it. I will say, this product is really unlike any I’ve tried before. While the foundation is a little lighter on the coverage scale than I usually go, it wears very easy. I often feel my makeup on my face throughout the day, mostly because I like full-coverage products, but I couldn’t feel this powder on my face at all. It’s a medium coverage foundation, and has a nice glow to it as well, plus I am happy to report that this product absorbs oil like no one’s business! If you have oily skin, this product could be your saving grace, and worth the higher end price point.

Helpful Tip: If you try this product, because of the absence of talc, it is essential that you moisturize or prime before using this.


Well lovelies, that’s all for my Young Living beauty product review today! I have Melissa linked above if you are interested in the products, or any other products in their organic skin care and makeup lines. Let me know what you think, and what I should try next!

Until next time, Sweet Dreams and Happy Travels!

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