Bronzed and Glowing Skin: June Beauty Favorites

june favortiesI want my skin to be at its’ best in the summer. With the temperature being so high, even the best setting spray can’t save you from melting. So I try to get my skin as bronzed and glowing as possible so I can wear just a touch of makeup to look dewy and fresh. Here are the products that were all-stars in the month of June:

concealerMaybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

For my day-to-day look, I skip the all-over foundation and just take this concealer and apply it under my eyes and on any problem areas, then blend it out with a foundation brush. I initially only bought this concealer on a fluke- I was traveling and forgot my usual concealer at home. I wasn’t about to go buy it again when I had a full tube at home (because hey, that joker is expensive!) so I checked out some blogs, and picked up Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer from the drug store. And then I fell in love with this product. It’s so full coverage it can cover ANYTHING, but it feels so light on your skin. Because this concealer was specifically designed for an older demographic, it doesn’t settle into any lines or crease at all- WIN! This concealer is perfect for summer (or all year round) and is at an amazing price point.

bronzerNYX Professional Matte Makeup Bronzer

Like I said above, I usually skip the all-over foundation in the summer and opt for a concealer/bronzer combo. So after I blend out my concealer, I will take a medium powder brush and swirl it in the bronzer till the brush is covered. After tapping the brush on the wrist a few times (to get rid of excess product) I will use a circular motion to spread the bronzer evenly over forehead, cheeks, chin, and the sides of my nose. The bronzer just feels so light, even when I am sweating and it doesn’t settle into the wrong places like most liquid foundations do when you crank up the heat. This bronzer has a really rich color, but not too much shimmer so you can layer a highlighter over it without looking like a unicorn.

face maskFreeman’s Sweet Tea& Lemon Peel-Away Facial Mask

This mask is super easy to use. Just open the packet and spread the mask thinly over your face, avoiding the eyes and lips. The mask only takes about 6 or 7 minutes to dry, so in that time you will feel your skin getting tighter and tingle a little. Bonus: it smells ahh-mazing! This product is a peel-off mask, so it really reaches into your pores and takes away the dirt and oil. This is great for the summer because we sweat so much, and if that isn’t cleared away from our pores, acne is formed. I’ve done this particular mask probably 3 times now, and my skin looks and feels so healthy every time.

tonerAlba Bonatica Facial Toner

Toner’s are great for the summer. Out sweating in the heat, having sunscreen on your face, being exposed to chlorine often- all these are so harmful to your skin when combined like this. I know, because my skin was super angry at the beginning of this month from this perfect storm. I picked up this toner at Target (honestly, I just really liked the packaging) and it has really helped keep my skin clear and healthy. I use this product twice a day- in the morning and at night. After I wash my face in the morning, before I put on my makeup, I will just pat a palm-full of this toner on my face, and I do the same thing at night. The natural ingredients in the product are great for clearing up acne, firming, and reducing redness.

Honorable mentions for June: 

Sugar Lip Treatment in the shade “Fresh” – $24.00 at Sephora

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Setting Spray -$31.00 at Ulta

Thanks for reading, lovelies! I hope you all are having a bronzed and glowing summer- and don’t forget, I would love to hear from you! Comment below or email me on my contact page. Sweet Dreams and Happy Travels!


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