The Best of Myrtle Beach: Adventure, Family, and Nostalgia

Myrtle Beach is a little like the Pumpkin Spice Latte- it’s iconic- no doubt, it’s tradition for many, and you either love it or hate it. As most of you know, I took my first trip to Charleston for my birthday weekend this year (Swoon), and I was told by many that Myrtle just doesn’t compare to the “Holy City”. And they were right- but not because Myrtle lacks merit, but because they are two totally different experiences.

It’s true- the Myrtle Beach experience isn’t about high society, or feeling ritzy and glamorous like Charleston. And yes, Myrtle Beach is tacky- but it’s tacky in the best way. The giant crabs and sharks, beach shops, and little carnivals just bring you right back to your childhood- the bright lights, fun colors, and louder than life themes. Myrtle Beach is the very best of nostalgia and Americana.

It’s taken me a little bit to sit down and write about my trip, but I’m ready to recount our easy, breezy week in Myrtle Beach for all of you lovelies.


The fam at Eggs Up Grille in Myrtle

Myrtle Beach is always a family trip for us. My husband’s parents rent a condo by the ocean, his brother usually comes down, and sometimes grandparents too. If you know us at all, you know the Taylor men are all about the Mustangs, so this trip always coincides with Mustang Week, which was moved to September this year (Praise be!). If you’ve ever wondered what Myrtle Beach is like during the beginnings of fall, the answer is glorious. Our first full day at the condo, we packed up our sandwiches and chairs, and headed down to the sand below. Unlike in July, the beach wasn’t crowded, the sand wasn’t burning my feet, and we didn’t even need to put our umbrellas up.

Almost everyday after was filled with more of the same- stretching out on the beach until late afternoon, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the sand, and walking the boardwalk at night. There were so many precious memories made this vacation, but I will count down some of my favorite moments for you:

Alligator Adventure


A photo I snapped of the “baby” alligator pit just before the show

I love alligators- like I’m low-key obsessed with them. Now don’t get me wrong, should I have fallen into the alligator pit, I would be singing a different song, but I just find myself absolutely fascinated with these real-life dragons. When Shane asked me if I wanted to go to a place called Alligator Adventure on our Myrtle trip, I was, as the kids say, “shook”.

Alligator Adventure hits you out of no where. You’re just driving down the highway, and Bam! there it is in the middle of the city. When I realized it wasn’t out in the country, my heart fell a little bit because I presumed that meant that there wouldn’t be very many gators there- I was so wrong.


One of the more furry friends from Alligator Adventure

They have hundreds of alligators (and crocs too), big ones, little ones, fat ones, and even an alligator without a tail! No lie. We watched feeding shows, saw lemurs galore, gazed at bob cats and snakes, and even got to pet an alligator.

I HIGHLY recommend Alligator Adventure to the Myrtle Beach tourist. You’ll see everything from 15 foot crocs, to flamingos and albino alligators. Shane and I spent close to 4 hours at the wildlife park, but with a family, you could easily spend the day.

The Market Common

So this is one of the newer features of Myrtle Beach and a little bit classier. If you are looking for a little less Jimmy Buffet, and a little more uptown class, The Market Common is the perfect spot for a night out. On the northern side of Myrtle, the powers at be resurrected a phenomenal “downtown area” out of no where.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis area is up and coming, and features everything from a Marble Slab, to boutiques and a movie theater. We were doing dinner somewhere else that night, but we had a great time shopping at places like Handpicked and the largest Anthropologie that I’ve ever seen.

Mustang Week


Me matching Shane’s Mustang

I won’t spend too much time writing about this now since I’m going to be writing another article on Mustang Week alone, but this really is a lot of fun. If anything, it’s fun to see how excited my husband was and the people of Mustang Week really are like a family. Each Mustang you pass will wave at you as you ride by, and cruising Ocean Blvd. with the top down is a huge piece of must-have nostalgia.

If you love Mustangs and don’t mind walking, the Mustang Week Car Show will probably be your slice of muscle car heaven. Cars are judged by year, and I have to give a special shout out and congrats to my father-in-law, Tim Taylor, for winning the best of his model!

(Keep an eye out for my next article on the show from a woman’s perspective!)


Me and Shane on the beach

This trip makes for my 5th time down to Myrtle Beach, and I’ve found that this vacation spot is like a good Hallmark movie. It may not be polished around the edges, and it may be a little tacky, but man, does it make your heart sing.

I would love to hear about your favorite vacation spots that bring back the memories for you! Are there certain places that you just have to eat at when you go? A favorite place to stay? I’m always looking for my next trip! Until next time- Sweet Dreams and Happy Travels, lovelies!



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  1. guineapigtraveler says:

    My family has always gone to Myrtle Beach! It’s my childhood vacation spot πŸ™‚ I recently took my mom back for a vacation and my boyfriend for the first time! But I’d never heard of Alligator Adventure … I feel like I have to see that!! πŸ™‚

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